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Beatdown’s Pocket Builders


BPB Album Cover FINAL

This album of original songs written, arranged and recorded by myself were designed with one specific purpose in mind…to help you develop and improve the strength of your groove and deepen your pocket. These songs, written over about a month’s period, were inspired by some of my favourite grooves and songs that I’ve practiced while developing my playing. I would literally take a groove that I love to play, then write a song around it.

The nature of the arrangements are such that not much more than a solid groove is required to play through them. While putting these songs together, the intent was not to have drummers take up much extra time learning elaborate parts. The goal is to encourage you to settle into a groove…and just sit on it, laying down a nice, solid pocket. Most of the songs have specific elements that I love to hear from the other instruments to encourage me to really lay into a deep groove, particularly nice low & thick bass lines. When a bass line is nice and meaty, it just inspires me to support it and not clutter up the flow with a bunch of unnecessary stuff. When you lock into it and it feels nice, you just don’t want to go anywhere else! A huge part of lockin’ up with a nice groove…is feeling it. When you feel it, you respect it. And getting in the way is the last thing on your mind.

The songs are also a LOT of fun to play! There is some seriously funky stuff on this album. I had a lot of fun just putting some of the Maceo Parker inspired horn parts together in songs like ‘Pimp Walkin’ and ‘Left Hook’. You’ll have some great and productive practice sessions playing through this album and the time invested in playing these songs will hopefully transfer over to your playing next time you’re on the stage! Below, you can download the the free Song Analysis & Suggested Approaches walkthrough (pdf. file). Included in the download is a short blurb of my own thoughts on the subject of ‘pocket’ as well brief description and personally suggested approach for each tune. But ultimately, you can interpret them however you like…as long as they GROOVE. Have fun!

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The Ultimate Beginner Drummer’s Handbook!

eBook coverThis eBook is a must have for every new drummer! First of all – Congratulations on choosing to play the coolest instrument on the planet! You have a long but fun road ahead of you while you learn about playing, owning and maintaining a drum set. During this time, you’re going to have a ton of questions that need answers, some of which you’re probably going to need on the fly, perhaps while standing in front of a wall full of hundreds of drumheads. How cool would it be to have the answers to all of your questions right on your hip? The Beginner Drummers Handbook is just that. Compiled in one handy little eBook is every possible question you’re bound to ask within your first two years of owning your first drum kit. These frequently asked questions were carefully chosen and compiled from seven years of experience working in a drum room at a major music instrument retailer. Cymbals, drumsticks, hardware, heads, snare drums, it’s all in here – and downloadable for your handheld device so you’ll never have to scratch your head while standing in your local drum shop looking to make your next purchase. It’ll be one of the most valuable purchases you’ll make after getting your first drum kit!

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The Beginner Drummers Handbook features a ‘clickable’ table of contents so you can find your category and answer quickly. The table of contents includes Drumsticks, Drumheads, Snare Drums, Cymbals, Drums, Bass Drum Pedals, Stands & Hardware and Accessories & Gadgets. Simply tap on the category and it will take you right to the top of that category’s page. Just flip through the pages in that section until you find your question/answer. The book was designed to help you get your answer right on the spot. Quickly.

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The Beginner Drummer’s Handbook is a digital eBook download for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or any other handheld device. Before purchasing this eBook, you must have or download a good eBook reader or pdf. reader on your device. For iPhone users, iBooks, a free app in the App Store, is highly recommended. PDF Reader Lite is also recommended. MobiPocket is a good choice for Blackberry and Windows devices if you don’t already have a reader. Just download the Handbook and open it right up in your reader on your device and it’s always with you.

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Beatdown’s Internal Clock & Pocket Builder Metronome Exercises! – FREE DOWNLOAD

Need help on tightening up your time playing? Download this free PDF for your computer or mobile device. This unique way of working with your metronome will severely sharpen up your time playing because of how you will use it. The secret to playing with great natural and consistent time is hearing what’s in the ‘space’ between the quarter notes…ie: the subdivisions. These exercises draw on and develop your internal and mental abilities for staying on track as you’re just working with a simple quarter note pulse, but mentally shifting that pulse to a specific subdivision in the bar while you’re playing. There are several benefits to practicing this way – It will train your ears to hear the spaces between the pulse, making you much more aware of all of the notes you’re not playing, which are every bit as important as the ones you are playing. This simple awareness of the subdivisions keeps the ‘grid’ active and present at all times in your head – which, in turn, helps keep the space between the pulse the same size, tightening up your timing. This improves the consistency of the timing of your grooves, fills, phrases, solos, etc. The reason being that you’re now fully conscious of the equal note values you’re playing. And when you do that – you simply keep better time and play a much better pocket.

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Thundah Catz – Play Along – $1.97

Song Explanation

This song was written in several time signatures and is quite challenging! So I’ll break it down by section so that you can count it. However, your goal should be to eventually not count at all and just feel it out.

The intro and ‘A’ section is one long phrase that is broken down into three different time signatures. (4/4 + 5/8 + 3/16). Just play through the first 4 normally and use the whole 2s and 3s thing for the second half. Then one bar of 4/4 follows, leading into ‘B’. The B section should be pretty easy to just feel out after a few listens. It’s just a mix of 4/4 and 3/4. Then back to the A. The synth lead solo section is (4/4 + 5/8). You can count ‘1-2-3-4 12123’ to get you through it. Then the drum solo section which is counted like ‘A’. This might be the most challenging part. Take your time improvising through this. Start with simple ideas until you get used to it. One good tip that should make it easier to solo over is to just subdivide the whole thing into 16ths. Have fun with it!

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