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Have Rob’s Instructional Videos Been Helpful To You?

My very first instructional video was ‘The Evolution of the Hip Hop Groove’. I borrowed my father-in-law’s camcorder and bought a $60 video editing program for my wife’s computer. I’ve had a passion for drum education since I taught my first lesson. After buying Dave Weckl’s ‘The Next Step’ VHS video, and wearing it out!, I started to learn how drum instructional videos were supposed to look and wanted to someday have a bunch of my own. Years later, after several daydreams of maybe one day being ‘discovered’ by the folks at Hudson Music and selling thousands of videos from stores all over North America, then realizing that was highly unlikely, I just figured I’d start doing my own, in my own basement. Besides, It ain’t about the packaging. It’s about the content.

I want you guys to know wholeheartedly that I really enjoy doing these videos and will continue to share with you what I’ve learned through these videos, free of charge. Since I’ve started playing back in ’87 I’ve picked up quite a few things and developed a few of my own ideas and I’m always careful about making sure the information I share with you guys is 100% effective, helpful stuff. As educators, we have a HUGE responsibility to make sure we give out accurate instruction as the wrong information with steer you in the wrong direction and educators are supposed to push students forward. I’ve dreamed of having my own professional website for quite a while and was very excited when went live. Many of you have found yourselves here by way of my YouTube channel, which to date has grown to over 600 subscribers. Thanks! It’s come a long way since my Evolution video! It has allowed me to reach FAR more drummers than any hardcopy video could sitting on a shelf. I’ve been overwhelmed with great, positive comments from you guys from videos like Bass Drum Workout w/ Syncopation, Heavy Hittin without Hittin Heavy, Tuning Toms Quick & Easy, How to Tune a Snare Drum: Great Sound in Under 2 Minutes, and Time Mastery. Makes me happy!

As a self employed musician, as you may know, there are rewards and struggles. But we do it because we love it. was designed 100% by me, and continues to be 100% maintained by me, whether I’m at home or on the road. And the site has one very specific purpose. To help you become better drummers! And as mentioned before, I will continue to produce good instructional videos for you free of charge. If a particular video has been valuable to your practice and you would like to contribute, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to make a donation to my website.

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Please do so only if you feel inclined and you appreciate the contributions that my videos have made to your playing. There is no specified dollar amount and any amount will be greatly appreciated, small or large.

Whether you offer a donation or just keep watching the videos and reading the articles, I’d like to thank you for supporting!